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Our goal is to maximize our clients growth potential by providing specialized marketing services to expand their brand.

Simple and direct communication

We introduce entertainment properties as part of the marketing mix, secure celebrity endorsement deals and manage large events. We provide our clients the opportunity to reduce their to-do list by enlisting us to handle our areas of expertise. Our mission is to give each client a unique experience through the entire project cycle.

"Whether you have started a new music business, designed a clothing line, produced a major hit or promoting an event . We plan launches meticulously in advance to ensure the best possible exposure. Our experienced team will customize each campaign to include online, traditional and social media coverage and we PAY for it .... the results are amazing! ."

Scarlett Anderson, Trainee

Integrated Features

Pineapple Juice™ How-to Toolkit for Developing Sponsorship Proposals

Use it like a pro

The Pineapple Juice Toolkit™ gives you everything you need in order to secure sponsors. Learn how to make a winning sponsorship proposal and utilize our powerful strategies to sell your sponsorship packages. 

Get Instant Access To: Sales Strategy, Proposal Templates, Sample Letters, Sponsorship Proposal Examples, Agreement Templates and Much More.

Includes The Following Documents:
1. Sponsorship Strategy Guide: How to Pitch & Secure Sponsors
2. Sponsorship Proposal Templates (Word, Excel)
3. Sample Sponsorship Letters
4. Sponorship Proposal Examples
5. Press Release Examples
6. Sponsorship Agreement Template
7. Pitching Spreadsheet (Excel)

Format: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel (will work on all computers, PC & MAC)

Andrew Johnson, CEO & Founder

Provided Services

We make it easier than ever to reach your mobile audience.

Your audience is just a tap away with Pineapple Tree’s new mobile applications!

  • Discovery & Strategy
  • User Retargeting
  • App Design & Development

  • Performance Marketing
  • Full Service

Attract More Listeners

Supports both iOS and Android,Listeners can be directed to your social media page


Brand Integration

Fully integrate your logo Display current song and album art


Deliver rich audio

ICY MP3 and AAC+ streams & up to 6 other HD streams

Increase your
productivity with Pineapple Tree

Pineapple Tree utilizes enterprise servers and networking equipment to offer unprecedented uptime and reliability.

"A platform expertly designed for fast, engaging user experiences and monetiziation on a new level.."

Patrick Russel, Designer

What we do

Audio Encoding,Digital Music Distribution,Promotion & Royalty financing

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