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  • 100% genuine Facebook and Instagram verification service.

  • Start showing a verified blue badge next to your name

  • Prevent brand identity theft and improve brand value

  • Rank above unofficial accounts and fan pages

We live in an age where credibility is money and a stamp of authority. In order to get your social media account verified, you must qualify for verification. Before accepting your order, we check the following:
Press articles: You must be a notable figure or company and have been featured extensively in the press.
Wikipedia page: Although this is not a specific requirement, it helps to verify an Instagram account and Facebook page easily.
Followers: It is a misconception that you need to have millions of followers to get verified. However, the followers need to be genuine even if they are in thousands.
Once we are sure that your account can be verified, we accept your order and start the verification process. It can take up to 40 days to get your account verified.
  • Experienced Professionals
    We have verified social media accounts of over 450 individuals and companies belonging to different industries.
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
    Our pricing is 30% lower than our competitors. We also make sure that the service does not get compromised.
  • Press Articles and Wikipedia Page
    If you don't have press articles and a Wikipedia page already, our team of experts can sort this out for you.
  • Professional Service
    We are not freelancers. We won’t disappear and will answer your questions at the earliest, every time.
  • Your Money is Protected With Us
    We accept all payments via PayPal. Your money is protected with PayPal's Buyer Protection.
  • Money Back Guarantee
    We accept an order only when we are sure of getting the account verified. If we fail to do so, we will refund your money.


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Our goal is to assist Bands, Artists and DJ’s with music promotion by providing a vast array of tools for fan engagement. Pineapple Tree will save you time and money

Video Production

The biggest bands on the planet have Video Presentations to promote new releases. Now you can have one too!

Mobile Apps

Enhance your brand with a custom App! No developer or coding required; we incurred the R&D costs and pass the savings onto you


Create a totally unique custom design. Stylishly delivered in a cost-effective fashion to assist you in promoting a show, getting more gigs.

Social Connect

It's no secret that Social Networking is a key component in connecting with fans-We Post all news and announcements and make them available on all social networks

From the idea to a full online experience

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. That’s good news for marketers, musicians, and entrepreneurs. You have this incredible platform to reach every one of those followers you painstakingly cultivated. Or do you?

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